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Tattoo removal

A tattoo is a painting done in ink or in permanent paints inserted with needles into the skin. The different colors are made of different chemicals, penetrate to the top layer of the skin (the dermis) and then they penetrate to the deeper layer (the epidermis). Over the years the color penetrates deeper layers of the skin.

Tattoo removal in the past

In the past, tattoos were removed by peeling the skin, which would cause scars

And infections. And it is not for nothing that tattoos are said to be permanent and non-removable .


Laser treatment

In recent years, a new method has been developed using focused laser beams that damage the tattoo itself with the utmost precision, and do not damage unpainted skin.

Tattoo removal is done gradually, by laser beams of different lengths for different colors. The laser beam dissolves and breaks down the paint into tiny particles

That melt and the body manages to overcome them, and get them out.


The benefits of laser tattoo removal

  • Tattoo removal focuses only on the tattoo, not the non-painted tissue around it.

  • The removal of the different colors of the tattoos is done by laser in different wavelengths

  • Although the blurring of the tattoo can be seen from the first treatment (although it may even require 10 treatments for its final removal, and between each treatment it is necessary to wait for the place to heal)

  • Treatment involves mild pain.


After removing the tattoo do not expose the place to the sun.

After the tattoo removal treatment the place can become red and irritated today.


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