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Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the toenails and especially the feet. Nail fungus is contagious, and can be contracted in public showers, pools and even at sea. After infection with nail fungus, it is very difficult to recover from nail fungus, and prolonged treatment, sometimes even over six months, of ointments and pills is needed. These substances have negative side effects on the liver and kidneys.

In extreme cases the nail can be operated on and the damaged part removed, but the treatment does not solve the problem definitively, and can cause disability and lameness.


Laser treatment

In recent years, a new method has been developed using focused laser beams that damage the fungus and do not damage the healthy tissues around the area affected by the fungus.

The benefits of laser treatment for scars

  • Damage to the fungus only, and not to the surrounding healthy tissues.

  • Improvement from the first treatment (although usually 4-5 treatments require thorough treatment of the fungus)

  • Treatment involves mild pain.

  • Without the side effects that the various medications have.


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