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Active acne treatment

What is acne?

Acne is a skin disease, caused by hormonal changes that cause inflammation of the mammary glands and hair follicles. This inflammation is a fertile ground for acne bacteria. Acne mainly affects the face, but sometimes also the back and shoulders.

The appearance of acne at different ages especially in adolescence (but not only) causes great frustration among its sufferers, and the known side effects of acne are a problem of body image, anxiety and other mental problems. In addition acne can cause scarring.

Traditional acne treatments included ointments, antibiotic pills, lotions and skin peels. All these treatments suffer from side effects, and do not help all those suffering from the disease.

Laser treatment

In recent years, a new method has been developed using laser beams that cure the disease. The laser rays return to the skin, reach the source of the disease, destroy the acne bacteria and stimulate the body's natural immune system to act against future infections.

The benefits of laser treatment for active acne

  • Healing of the skin from the inside, without scars, burns or pigmentation even in cases of acute acne.

  • Improvement from the first treatment (although several treatments are required for thorough treatment of the disease)

  • The treatment is not painful but it is recommended to avoid sun exposure after the treatment


If you are using ointments or various anti-acne medications, consult your doctor and stop using them.  About two months before laser treatment

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