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Treatment of scars

A scar is formed when the outer layer of skin is damaged. Most scars are superficial and disappear after a few days or weeks. A deeper injury, to the dermis layer, causes the body to produce

Collagen fibers that form the scar.

Traditional ways of treating scars 
Ointments, dressings and even surgeries. All of these treatments suffer from side effects, and an improvement in the appearance of the scar can not always be seen.

Laser treatment

In recent years, a new method has been developed using laser beams that operate at multiple wavelengths. The laser beams penetrate different layers of skin, and treat the scar in different layers. In addition, the laser rays stimulate the natural collagen production that regenerates and stimulates the skin.


The benefits of laser treatment for scars

Healing of the skin inside and out for maximum blurring of the scar.

Improvement from the first treatment (although a number of treatments are required for thorough treatment of the scar, but the disappearance of the scar is not completely guaranteed)

The treatment is not painful but it is recommended to avoid sun exposure after the treatment

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